The Art of Meal Planning

The idea of planning your meals ahead of time can seem like a daunting task, but once you set aside a block of time and get in the groove, it becomes so much easier to plan your meals out all at once when you’re already in the meal planning mindset. Scrounging around in the cupboards every night once dinner time rolls around is just one extra stress that can be eliminated with just a little planning.

I try to set aside some time on the weekend to plan out dinners for the week ahead, sometimes two weeks ahead if I’m feeling extra ambitious. I love to use our Ramona & Ruth Meal Planner which contains a space for each day of the week along with room underneath for the grocery list.

Meal planning can seem like a daunting task, but by setting aside a block of time with the Ramona & Ruth meal planner, planning can be a breeze.

I use a general framework to serve as a guide for the week to make it a little easier to assign meals to each day. The framework changes with the seasons, but currently Mondays are fish nights, Tuesdays are tacos, Wednesdays are a chicken dish, Thursdays are leftovers, and Fridays through Sundays are a mix of leftovers and dining out with family. I have been using this Simply Real Health cookbook by Sarah Adler for a couple of years now and just love it.

Once I have the meals planned, next I write out the grocery list for the week. I make the list while sitting right there in the kitchen so I can easily check and see if any of the ingredients we need are missing. Once the grocery list is written, it’s time to get to shopping for the week ahead. In the dead of winter, I find myself having the groceries delivered more often, but the rest of the year I enjoy getting out and about and selecting my own produce.

What I love about meal planning is the ease it brings to the week. Not only does it solve the “What’s for dinner?” question, but I know that I already have the proper ingredients all ready to go. It’s such a timesaver and makes the week flow so much better. You could even take it one step further and set aside some time to chop up your ingredients all at once to eliminate some of the prep work during the week. I haven’t taken it to that level yet, but something to strive for! I’ve been in this meal planning habit for close to 10 years now, which is why I decided to design a letterpress meal planner for our collection. It’s really helped me tackle the task in an organized fashion and make meal planning just a little more enjoyable.

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