Creating A More Mindful Life With Our Intentional Living Notepads

I love settling in on a Sunday and taking a little time to create an outline for the week ahead. I generally create my outline in tandem with my meal plan for the week, as my mind is already in the planning mode. Also, knowing what’s on the docket for the week helps me know what meal will work well for which evening. My boys have swim class on Monday night? This calls for a make-ahead soup that I can throw into the crock-pot and have ready for action when we get home. I don’t like to think of this planning as a rigid schedule, but rather more of an overview of the week that still allows plenty of space for surprises and unplanned adventures.

Creating A More Mindful Life With The Intentional Living Notepads by Ramona & Ruth

I find that having this general overview helps me live more intentionally, allowing myself to think through what is the most productive, meaningful way I can spend my time. With this habit in mind, I created a trio of Intentional Living Notepads –  a monthly, weekly, and daily version – to help you live more mindfully. The function of these notepad planners spans from having a bird’s eye view of your month right down to a plan for each hour of your day if you so desire.

I created a little guide to give you an example of how you might use these notepads in unison:

1. Monthly Overview:

Begin your planning by sifting through your monthly calendar and jotting down any important dates, appointments, birthdays, etc. onto the Monthly Overview Notepad. Set an intention for your month if you wish. For example, I might set the intention of mindful eating for the month of December (hello Christmas cookies!).

2. Weekly Overview:

Next, at the start of each new week, look over your Monthly Overview Notepad, paying attention to any event that falls on your current week, and jot those down on your Weekly Overview Notepad. Within this notepad, I also created a space to house your top 3 priorities for the week to help keep you focused and lessen the overwhelm of an extended to-do list.

3. Daily Overview:

Lastly, the Daily Overview Notepad provides a detailed outline of your day. With a task list on the left and an hourly schedule on the right, you can design your day from beginning to end. Like the Weekly Overview notepad, there is also a space for your top 3 priorities, as well as a space for the day’s intention. While designing your day, keep in mind this intention you set for the day and see if you can include moments throughout that help you to satisfy that intention. For example, if my intention for the day is to connect with others, I can set aside some time to call my mom or send a thoughtful handwritten card to a friend. Lastly is a space for reflecting on what you are grateful for. Getting into the routine of practicing daily gratitude can be a powerful reminder of the good in our lives, helping us to be our happiest self.

I wanted to be sure that you could ebb and flow with your planning as you please, so I designed these planners without dates to give you a little more flexibility. Miss a few weeks? No problem. Just pick up where you left off when it’s right for you. It is my hope that these notepads will serve as a gentle guide to help you break down your to do’s into bite sized pieces, bringing you peace and clarity throughout the day and helping you to live with intention. Afterall, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard

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