Inspiration Behind Our F/W 2019 Collection

Designing new collections is the absolute favorite part of what I do. I love the endless possibilities of a blank slate, although it can be scary at times when your mind is also blank! I pushed myself a little on this F/W 2019 Collection. Still maintaining the simplicity I am always drawn to, I went a little outside of my normal boundaries and tried some new techniques, including layering of a multitude of colors in what has become my Sunshine on a Cloudy Day series. Inspired by the ethereal shapes of the clouds in the sky and the beautiful colors of the sunrise, this series celebrates those special people that bring a ray of sunshine into your life.

Inspiration Behind Our Fall | Winter 2019 Ramona & Ruth Collection

Deciding to move forward with this Sunshine series was a bit of a risk as the watercolor portion lended itself more to digital printing than letterpress printing, which is how most of our cards are produced. In order to portray the multitude of colors that I wanted to incorporate throughout the piece, I had to give up the letterpress side of things, but still was able to incorporate gold foil throughout the piece to maintain that extra special feel. I am so pleased with how they turned out and am happy to say that they have been very well received.

Inspiration Behind Our Fall | Winter 2019 Ramona & Ruth Collection

Alongside this more painterly series, I had to stay true to my classic style and play with new ways to incorporate shapes and lines into our line. Through a series of sketches, I came up with our new Geo series. Bold letterpress printed linework pairs with a delicate copper foil message to send a special greeting they are sure to cherish. I love the contrast between the bold lines and the little foil message. It’s so fun to play with the little details and create something that’s a touch unexpected. 

Thank you so much for following along and for all of your support along the way. Please tag us – @ramonaandruth – on social media so we can follow along and see how you are using our products in your every day. Being able to connect others through a special handwritten note from the heart is such a huge reason for why I do what I do. Thank you for your support.



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