The Story of Our New Collection

I began the design phase for this collection on a cold, dreary day in January. Quite honestly, I was lacking inspiration going into the new year. My designs felt forced and my mind felt cloudy. Then one evening after dinner, my son Elijah asked me to sit down with him and draw. We pulled up two chairs and nestled together at our kitchen table and illustrated whatever came to mind. It was so peaceful and soothing to just let our pencils glide freely over the paper with no expectations, no pressures. Just the two of us with our drawing tools and a pad of paper. That’s when the ideas started to flow.

New May Collection Botanical Cards

I began thinking about the roots of Ramona & Ruth – about my grandmothers and their stories and how I could create these new designs to be a reflection of them. I became more curious about my grandma Ramona and the days of her flower shop. As an entrepreneur myself, I wanted to hear more about her journey and how the flower shop came to be. I sat down with my mom to chat a bit and really learn Ramona’s story, as I only knew a few tidbits really. My mom shared with me that Ramona had always enjoyed puttering around her flower beds and beautifying their home with colorful, fresh blooms. It was a beautiful day in May 1973 that she took her love of flowers and turned it into her own business, opening the doors of Florence Flower Shop in a charming little neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska.

Grandma Ramona & Her Flower Shop

It seemed to be the perfect fit for her, as my grandma not only loved being surrounded with beautiful florals, but also enjoyed being surrounded with people from all walks of life, chatting with them and listening to their stories. A beautiful bouquet she arranged for a husband to give to his wife on their anniversary, a colorful arrangement a daughter was surprising her mom with for her milestone birthday, they all had stories attached to them and Ramona was delighted to play a small role in celebrating these stories. It became clear to me that just as Ramona helped others to express kindness through the thoughtful gift of flowers, I am continuing her legacy by helping others to express kindness through a handwritten sentiment.

New May Collection Botanical Cards

Our new collection holds a special place in my heart as I weave in botanical elements in our simplified style to the Ramona & Ruth line. Learning more about the story of my grandma Ramona and her flower shop has helped me realize the parallel between her flowers and my greeting cards – they both spread kindness, which is one of our core values at Ramona & Ruth. It is our belief that “kindness grows”. A handwritten note that comes from the heart can make all the difference in someone‚Äôs day, and in turn, they may feel inspired to spread that same joy to others. With this new release and its floral elements in particular, it is the perfect way to help inspire kindness to “grow” by sending a thoughtful card to a loved one to show them how much they mean to you.

We are headed to the Noted greeting card expo in Brooklyn in just a couple of weeks where our new collection will officially debut to our retailer community. If you’re a shop who will be there, we would love to see you in booth 703. The whole collection will go live on our site to all of you on May 22nd. We can’t wait to see how you use our paper goods to help kindness grow.

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